Successfully bring several color patterns and prints in the interior design

The color pattern is not going out of fashion. The designers adorn the interiors so that again and again. More even - currently this is becoming again a trend. Light a mood, which is always welcome at home with many house owners, romantic and airy -. You also? Then you remain with us a bit and learn more about the interiors with colored patterns.

You might think this could go wrong times? Yes, it may be, but here are some tips that could be useful in this context.

Patterns have a style - consciously to go around!

Color swatches to color patterns, there are huge differences. There are several styles in which the color patterns very well write a. Select one that best suits your interior design.

The color pattern write up very well in the classic interior design. More typical music styles with patterns are Provence, country style, Shabby Chic, English style.

There are very many flower patterns in a magnificent running design.

Choose a specific style that suits best to your interior, or mix the styles to give a great eclectic picture.

The prints, especially when it comes to floral design, are usually very dominant. Often, you need no other accents in the room. But this is not to imply that they are unnecessary. On the contrary: these can be combined wonderfully with each other.

Let us first clarify, what actually represents the stylistic appearance of color patterns. It's about a laconic, minimalist appearance of the classic floral and other patterns.

This is the contemporary interpretation of the interior design with patterns.

Find the right degree

Combine and deal with the design generously with color patterns, but never lose the right level. Overfill the room thus. Usually sufficient execution of a wall or a larger piece of furniture in color prints. In addition, you can distribute a few more accents in the room.

Neutralize the wall version

In a super modern apartment, the Flash color can too crowded and participate in the course. To avoid this, you can neutralize the pattern by choosing neutral and muted colors for their execution.

As an interior design is enough meaningful and stark, but it's also somewhat reluctant to easily combine to sign up with the latest trends in interior design.

The modern application of color patterns to do so boldly, but tasteless never. You should pair with simple furnishings and forms an accent wall. You should combine the garish shades with white.

Magnificent forms can by neutral colors neutralize each.

A combination of brave people

The color patterns do not go out of fashion

Light, airy and romantic

The designers adorn their interiors with great color patterns again and again

A special romance for the bedroom

Choose the color patterns that best fit your interior design

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